Tuesday, 29 September 2009

DWO Special 23: Sarah Jane Smith Cover and Details

Doctor Who Magazine Special Edition 23: Sarah Jane Smith Cover has been released and You can See the Cover Below:

The Sarah Jane Special is packed with an Interview with Elisabeth Sladen, and is packed with S3 News and lots of pics. The Edition will go on sale on Thursday 1st October at the RRP of 5.99 across the UK and Will Be In All Good WH Smith Stores.


The Dalek Station Will Close and No E-BOOK

The Dalek Station has to Announce That This Site Will Close on Sunday 15th November 2009 and Will Be NO MORE. Also The Doctor Who, Who E-Book Will not Go Ahead as we are Closing and To Be Honest I was not getting anywhere with it really but you Will be Able To View Part One (Now The Only Part Out of 5) Here. On Monday 16th November 2009 a New Site will Open not in Blogspot but with a .CO.UK adress. The Title Will Be Confirmed To. Things You Will Be Able to Look Forward to On The New Website will be a Christmas Advent Calender, News, Episode Guides and More... But Until Then This Website Will Remain Open and will be Updated Daily with The Latest News.


Monday, 28 September 2009

SJA S3 Trailer and and New Pictures

The BBC Press Office has released a new Promotional image with a trailer (which can bee seen below all the pictures) and also Digital Spy have released some Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith Pictures.


Monday, 21 September 2009

Torchwood Box Set 1-3 Cover

Torchwood Series 1 - 3 Box Set cover can bee seen below:

The Box Set will go on sale 26th October 2009 at the RRP of 59.99


Doctor Who Alien Armies Trading Card Game

Panini, the publisher's behing Doctor Who Magazine have released details of a new trading card game called Alien Armies you can see a picture below:

Doctor Who Alien Armies will go on sale from 1st October and each pack of 6 will be at the RRP of 50p, The Starter pack will be at the RRP of 4.99 and future Doctor Who Adventures Magazines will start the cards coming free with their magazine soon. Thanks to Match Attacks. Net


Doctor Who: The Collection Series 1-4

2Entertain have recently revealed some detials for their Upcoming Doctor Who Collection which you can see the cover below:

The Collection will go on sale on 26th October 2009 at the RRP of 89.99


Thursday, 17 September 2009

Hornets Nest 3 Cover and Details

Thanks To Doctor Who Online for The Image
Doctor Who Hornet Nest Installment 3 (The Circus of Doom)Cover and Details can been seen below:

The Synopsis For the 3rd Installment Out of 5 can bee seen below:

In Blandford, 1832, ringmaster Antonio exerts a strange influence on the townsfolk. When the Doctor steps into the ring, he discovers that Antonio has some familiar demons of his own...

This edition star's Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor and is Written by Paul Magrs. It comes out on Monday 2nd October 2009 at the RRP of 9.99